A Global Source for Premier Metal Forming, Metal Stamping and Assembly Services

MSA-Wiegel specializes in multi-slide/four-slide metal forming, stamping, and assembly of strip parts and formed wire components. We’re also experts in progressive die high-speed stamping and progressive die heavy stamping services with over 145 years of experience between the combined competencies of two premier metal forming industry leaders, Wiegel Tool Works, Inc. and M.S. Ambrogio S.p.A. We’ve established an international presence, serving manufacturing markets in many continents around the world such as North America, Europe, and South America.




We incorporate sophisticated quality controls with advanced in-die sensors and in-line camera vision systems to inspect critical dimensions of all running parts at high-speed and high-accuracy. This ensures the consistent delivery of quality parts.

We specialize in precision strip parts and wire-formed components including:

arc chambers




clamps & CLIPS



contact blades

lead frames


terminal boxes


wire formed fasteners

wirE Formed PArts


Multi-Slide/Four-Slide Forming and Assembly


Utilizing Bihler multi-slide technology, we can form, stamp, weld, and assemble components in one operation. Our multi-slide machines can produce parts at up to 800 strokes per minute with high precision and outstanding quality.



High-speed stamping


Operating at up to 1500 strokes per minute on Bruderer machinery, our high-speed stamping department stamps non-ferrous, aluminum, ferrous, and exotic metals at tremendous speeds for a quick turnaround of multi-million-piece programs.



Heavy Stamping


Our heavy stamping department is capable of stamping parts up to .375 in (9mm) thick on 100 to 450-ton Minster punch presses. We consistently provide zero-defect, 100% quality parts produced with non-ferrous, aluminum, ferrous, and exotic metals.