Introducing Your Global Metal Forming Powerhouse: MSA-Wiegel

Wiegel Tool Works, Inc. (WTW) and M.S. Ambrogio S.p.A. (MSA) entered a strategic partnership to establish MSA-Wiegel. The combined resources of MSA-Wiegel present the most compelling metal forming portfolio available to the North American market. MSA-Wiegel has the capacity to support the European and South American markets in conjunction with the M.S.Ambrogio Group. Our exceptional expertise in Bihler multi-slide technology, Bruderer high-speed stamping and Minster heavy stamping proves to be invaluable to current and future partners. We're strengthening world-class manufacturers with innovative industry solutions.


ABOUT Wiegel Tool Works, Inc.

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For more than 75 years Wiegel Tool Works, Inc. (WTW) has supplied precision metal stampings using Bruderer high speed stamping and Minster heavy stamping technologies coupled with in-line and off-line vision and sensor systems. WTW supplies the automotive, appliance, aerospace, defense, telecom, lighting, and housing/construction industries. WTW’s advanced modern technology and high standards for quality assurance allows them to continuously drive improvement in their manufacturing processes to best serve current and future partners. For more information visit:

With this partnership, Wiegel Tool Works has added not only a new world class manufacturing capability in multi-slide and assembly technology, but we have also expanded our manufacturing presence globally. We can now offer all of the manufacturing capabilities we currently offer in North America throughout Europe and South America. This alliance has now propelled WTW from a regional supplier to a global supplier overnight.
— Aaron Wiegel, President and CEO of Wiegel Tool Works, Inc. and President of MSA-Wiegel N.A.


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M.S. Ambrogio S.p.A. (MSA) is a leading European manufacturing provider of Bihler multi-slide and assembly solutions, Bruderer high speed stampings, and Minster heavy stampings. MSA is one of seven manufacturing operations within the M.S. Ambrogio Group. The company has over 1,100 employees and more than 650 manufacturing machines. MSA produces over 35 million parts a day serving the needs of the automotive, electrical, electronic, and appliance markets across the world. MSA’s diversification of markets and technological expertise has been their strategy for continuous growth in the evolving global market. For more information visit:

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We are proud and excited to make available to the North America market our decennial know-how and high expertise in stamping and multi-slide technology through the cooperation with a prestigious partner as Wiegel Tool Works. We believe the synergy between our companies will further increase the competitiveness of our global offer and this will be well valued by our demanding customers.
— Mario Sangalli, CEO of M.S. Ambrogio S.p.A. and MSA-Wiegel N.A.


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