Production Parts

MSA-Wiegel produces a range of copper-based, precious metal and ferrous metal stamped components, round-formed and wire-formed components. Some of the types of parts we produce are arc chambers, battery cable connectors, brackets, brake dust shields, busbars, cable holders, clamps & clips, electrical contacts and connectors, fasteners, fixing plates, EMI/RFI shielding components, hooks, lamp & light bulb holders, lead frames, press-fit pins, rolled bushings, springs, terminals, wire-shaped components and other multiple formed components.

Stamped and multi-slide formed and parts can be produced with many stamping component characteristics and features including automated in-die assembled, bi-metal, coated, coined, compliant pin (eye of the needle), countersunk, critical dimensions, embossed, enameled, eyelets, flat, formed, heat-treated, IDC slots, inlay, multiple stamping, numbering, precious metal plated, reeled, shape critical, skived, strain relief, surface critical, surface mounted, tapped, threaded, tip coin, tuning forks and welded (EB, resistance, laser, spot and brazed).

For assembly needs, we can combine multiple stamped parts and join plastic, metal inserts or hardware components such as fasteners, screw machine parts, bushings, nuts and studs to metal stampings.


Some of our Production projects